Stony Shore Pillagers

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The appearance of the Kraken banner along the Stony Shore forebodes trouble, primarily due to the marauding Pillagers who descend upon villages and settlements with relentless ferocity. These individuals move swiftly, seizing anything of value and ruthlessly dispatching anyone who dares to oppose them. Once they gain momentum, they become formidable adversaries, yet caution is advised to shield them from direct confrontations, particularly against well-armed foes. However, when given the opportunity to strike from the side, the Stony Shore Pillagers will persist until they have ravaged the entire enemy formation.

RAIDERS OF RESILIENCE: Enhance your House Greyjoy forces with the steadfast Stony Shore Pillagers unit.
EXQUISITE MINIATURES: Impeccably crafted pre-assembled miniatures, ready for immediate use and personalization.
RAVAGING PILLAGE: The presence of the Kraken banner signals chaos as these Pillagers overrun settlements.
UNRELENTING DRIVE: Once set in motion, these rapid raiders are formidable to stop.
FLANKING FURY: Deploy them on a flank, and the Stony Shore Pillagers will tear through the enemy ranks unabated.