Dreadfort Archers

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A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is a competitive miniature game designed for two or more players. Each participant takes command of one of the prominent Great Houses of Westeros, leading battlefield units, enlisting legendary Heroes, and navigating the treacherous political landscape, all with the ultimate objective of claiming the coveted Iron Throne.

House Bolton governs from the ancient fortress of Dreadfort in the northern regions. Descendants of the First Men, they are infamous for their emblem featuring a flayed man, a gruesome practice they frequently engage in. Characterized by their relentless aggression, House Bolton once rebelled against House Stark in a conflict from years past. They have earned a reputation akin to rabid dogs, attacking anyone who comes too close, including their own allies. Troops within House Bolton often dread their own leaders more than the enemy forces they face. The rule of Roose and Ramsay Bolton is marked by their unrelenting brutality and cruelty, causing many adversaries to opt for flight rather than capture. It is a grim fate for anyone who falls into the clutches of House Bolton after a battle.