Malifaux: Resurrectionists: Masters of the Path

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Despite their propaganda, there are more breaches than just the one controlled by the Guild. There are dozens of lesser breaches that have opened across the world, one of which is in the heart of the Three Kingdoms. The Ten Thunders have taken advantage of this backdoor, using it not only to smuggle goods in and out, but also to place their agents in key positions within the city. For many years, access to the Three Kingdoms was controlled and there was little information coming in or out. During that time, the Ten Thunders were building up their bases of operations, establishing their own line of soulstones and gathering information about Malifaux and Earth beyond their walls.


6 Figures (Plastic)

- 1 Yan Lo

- 1 Soul Porter

- 1 Chiaki, the Niece

- 3 Ashigaru

Stat Cards

Figures are 32mm 'heroic' scale.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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