Warlock Tiles: Town & Village

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With Town & Village, you'll have everything you need for a town or countryside adventure scenario. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups.

Key Features
‣ Take your tiles for a spin in the country with plaster and timber walls
‣ Integrates with WarLock floor tiles for a seamless easy-connect experience
‣ Pre-painted
‣ Expansive variety of items to add to your scenes
‣ Works with existing WizKids products

24 WarLock Tiles (2"x2")
4 Plaster Walls, 2"
4 Plaster Walls with Half Window, 2"
4 Plaster Walls with Cracked Wall, 2"
4 Plaster Exterior Wall Doors, 2"
4 Plaster Exterior Wall Doors, 1"
15 Plaster Interior Walls, 2"
5 Plaster Interior Doors
8 Wood Corner Pillars
5 Plaster Walls Inside Corner
5 Plaster Walls Outside Corner
20 Wood Beam Edge Caps
90 WarLock Clips
8 OpenLOCK Clips

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