Warlock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings

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Dungeon Dressings brings your dream dungeon to life. This set of decorative items includes boulders, beds, an altar, and more! Will you create an elegant vampire's lair or maybe a dangerous maze? Design your next adventure!

Key Features
‣ Treasure chest opens and closes
‣ Expansive variety of items to add to your scenes
‣ Extraordinary definition
‣ Fantastic value
‣ Barrel includes swappable contents (liquid and solid lid options)
‣ Works with existing WizKids products


4 Chairs
2 Round Tables
3 Crates
1 Bed
1 Throne
2 Treasure Chests
1 Boulder
2 Stools
1 Cheval de Frise
2 Benches
1 Pile of Rubble
1 Keg
1 Treasure Pile
1 Generic Statue
1 Altar
4 Barrels
1 Long Table
2 Pit Traps
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