Ultramarines Upgrades

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Totally compatible with all existing multi-part Space Marine kits, this upgrade pack contains a sprue of amazing parts for Ultramarines fans. Nineteen parts are included, featuring the following: • Ten Ultramarine Shoulder Pads • One Ultramarine Sergeant Bare Head with Laurel • Three Ultramarine Sergeant/Captain Helmets • One Ultramarine Chest front • One Ultramarine Power Sword • One Ultramarine Combat Blade • One Ultramarine Back Icon If you would like to order more of this product than we currently have in stock, we'd be happy to help. Just email us at [email protected] with the products you'd like to order and the total quantities and we'll be in touch. Please note that it may take longer than usual for us to fulfill bulk orders as shipping times will be dependent on manufacturers availability.

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