Red Dragon Inn: Allies-Bastian

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Brother Bastian was a member of a severe sect devoted to Korash, the god of justice and light. When he learned of an orc masquerading as a paladin of his god, he was furious. But upon meeting her, he realized that this orc was no imposter and that there was more to Korash than he had been taught. The Good: Brother Bastian knows many powerful prayers and knows exactly when to use each one. The Bad: Unfortunately, because he knows so many prayers, you never know what he's planning next. Contents: 40-card Character Deck 1 Player Mat 12 Gold Coin Tokens 12 Prayer Tokens 1 Alcohol Marker 1 Fortitude Marker Rules Document Ages: 13+ Players: 2-5 Game Length: 45 minutes This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of any of the Red Dragon Inn standalone games is required to play.
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