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Tania Tanker, Tank Specialist + 2 weapon options + 25 mm round base.

Miniature is in resin. Heroic 28mm scale.


Tania is a pretty joyful character, and an enthusiast who loves to build mechanical things as much as she enjoys destroying them.

This has landed her into being the go-to person of the Jailbird Division when building new types of vehicles, ambushing armoured convoys, or customising stolen equipment.

And although she lost her arm in troubled circumstances she won't talk about, she has crafted for herself an exceptional replacement which is without doubt her greatest achievement to date.

As depicted on the concept, Tania comes with an anti-tank weapon for seek-and-destroy missions. But she will also have an optional heavy shotgun that is handy for when she's working on tanks and various other equipment for the Jailbirds. She also carries a machete for close-combat.

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