LSO 2024 - FLG Folding Table Pick Up

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Get one of those sweet 60"x44" Frontline Gaming Folding Tables at a discounted price AND not have to pay for shipping by preordering one for pickup at the Frontline Gaming LSO 2024. 

You will be picking this table up at the LSO 2024. We will not be shipping these items!

 All items such as this that are preordered , must be picked up during the event by 8AM on Sunday. Items will not be shipped. Items not claimed by 8AM on Sunday will be resold to anyone interested and the original purchase will not be refunded.

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For a better idea  of what this table is all about, check out this legit customer video review from a guy who picked up one of the first tables we sold at LVO 2022. SEE PHOTOS HERE.

Designed by tabletop wargamers specifically for tabletop wargamers, this folding table is engineered to be exactly what you always wanted.  With over 10 years of experience in the tabletop wargaming industry, the professionals at Frontline Gaming made sure this is the best folding wargaming table in the world:

*Stability. For a folding table, the FLG Table is amazingly stable thanks to the unique cross bars positioned at a lower connection point on the legs, and the increased length of the angle brackets at each corner.

*Height. Taller than your standard kitchen or banquet table to allow for less leaning and more playing without sore backs.

*Size. At 44”x60”, this table is optimally sized to exactly fit your favorite grim-dark or hammer-centric fantasy tabletop wargame, minimizing the amount of space taken up in your hobby room or game store.

*Transportable. Folding neatly in half with the legs and support poles stored inside, this table will stay closed during transport and features a  sturdy grab handle for easy transport.

*Durability. With a custom made injection molded table top, and strong square steel legs, this table can support up to 300 pounds and is designed to meet the high standards Frontline Gaming is known for.

*Level Surface. Thanks to the precise manufacturing, the folding table top surface is very flat with a minimal gap between the two halves, meaning your game play will not be interrupted. Adjustable height feet at the base of each leg ensure that your table remains level no matter the floor.

*Easy Setup. Gone are the days of complicated, time consuming setups requiring two or more people. One person can quickly set this table up with minimal effort so you can get to playing faster.