Marvel Crisis Protocol: Iceman & Shadowcat

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Players will inject youthful energy into their games with the Iceman & Shadowcat Character Pack. These beloved X-Men favorites introduce new low-cost options to the Affiliation, accompanied by impactful affiliated Team Tactic Cards. As the shining stars of any mutant Squad, they promise to leave a lasting impression on the battlefield.

Key Features:
- Beloved original X-Men characters that resonate with fans.
- Fresh Team Tactic Cards for the Uncanny X-Men, expanding the Affiliation's strategic options.
- Synergies with existing popular miniatures elevate the excitement for mutant enthusiasts.

- 1 Iceman Miniature
- 1 Shadowcat Miniature
- 2 Bases
- 2 Character Stat Cards
- 4 Team Tactic Cards