Marvel Crisis Protocol: Professor X & Shadow King

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Players can assert their dominance over the Astral Plane with the Professor X and Shadow King Character Pack. Both Professor X and Shadow King possess formidable mystic abilities, capable of altering the battlefield in unique ways. Accompanied by Team Tactic Cards designed to foster strategic counterplay, these mental masters are poised to confound their adversaries!

Highlights of the Pack:
- Professor X introduces long-awaited Leadership to the Uncanny X-Men Affiliation.
- Shadow King is a high-Threat miniature with a distinctive playstyle.
- The visionary leader of the X-Men finally takes his place alongside his students on the battlefield!

- 1 Professor X Miniature
- 1 Shadow King Miniature
- 2 Bases
- 2 Character Stat Cards
- 3 Team Tactic Cards