Nords - Sea Jontar Artisan Series

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In ancient times, a period so distant that it has transitioned from historical fact to mythical lore, the Sea Jötnar engaged in a monumental struggle against the Ice Jötnar for leadership of their people. Their defeat came about when their distant mountain kin allied with the opposing faction. Despite being compelled to pledge solemn oaths of loyalty and service, they faced exile from Jotunheim, finding refuge in the waters surrounding their ancestral territories. Rejuvenated by the abundant resources of the seas, the Sea Jötnar regained strength and prowess. When the Einherjar emerged, they were coerced into battle against these mythical warriors by their Ice Jötnar overlords, only to witness their sworn allegiance transferred to the triumphant humans. Centuries spent hunting and thriving on the ocean's riches have fortified their might and sharpened their guile, rendering them invaluable assets on the battlefield for those with the strength to uphold the ancient oaths.