City States 5th Anniversary Supercharged Starter Set

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A single-player starter set, supercharged and ready for action in either First Blood or The Last Argument of Kings, awaits you. This City States collection boasts a full complement of 12 Thorakites and Agema, along with the formidable Polemarch and 3 Minotaurs Haspits and a Haephestian!

Each starter set not only includes a finely crafted First Blood army but also provides an excellent foundation for diving into The Last Argument of Kings. Inside, you'll find quick start guides for both First Blood II and TLAOK II, along with assembly instructions, a comprehensive path of Conquest guide, a 5th Anniversary Decal and Measuring Tool, an EA Paper Map, and all necessary command cards, bases, and stands. It's a fantastic value for players, offering a significant discount compared to purchasing each item separately.

Wondering how the City States operate on the battlefield? Their forces comprise highly disciplined and trained soldiers supported by Minotaurs, powerful spellcasting giants, and mechanically enhanced veteran warriors. While they may lack robust missile support and cavalry options, the City States infantry is incredibly versatile, boasting a variety of troop types, formations, and Special Rules, making them one of the most efficient infantry forces in the game.

When commanding the City States, it's crucial to protect your flanks and swiftly engage your Infantry line. Utilize the Faction’s unique Strategic Stack to sacrifice an Activation in one area to gain a double Activation elsewhere. Additionally, enhance the offensive or defensive capabilities of your infantry formations by strategically positioning Minotaurs within their ranks!