Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Fistful of Credits: Cad Bane Squad Pack

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The pack introduces Star Wars: Shatterpoint to a group of ruthless bounty hunters from the galaxy. Included in this pack is the resourceful and fearsome Cad Bane, renowned for his service to the Hutts and even Darth Sidious himself. Cad Bane is featured as a Primary Unit in the game. Accompanying him is the lethal Aurra Sing, presented as a Secondary Unit. Moreover, a Bounty Hunter unit is included, comprising a Chadran-Fan, Todo 360, and a Devaronian, all as new Supporting Units. Alongside exquisitely crafted character miniatures, this pack provides players with Unit, Stance, and Order cards essential for fully integrating these characters into the Star Wars: Shatterpoint experience.