Star Wars : Shatterpoint - Witches of Dathomir: Mother Talizin Squad Pack

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Enter the mysterious realm of Star Wars: Shatterpoint with a cadre of enigmatic Dathomirians, courtesy of this captivating pack! Stepping onto the stage is Mother Talzin, the leader of a prominent Nightsister clan on Dathomir, offering the expertise of her Force-sensitive coven and skilled assassins to those in search of lethal expertise. Within this pack, players gain access to a complete squadron featuring Mother Talzin, accompanied by two Nightsisters, and her eldest son, Savage Opress. This intriguing ensemble is primed to test their mettle against formidable foes, whether Jedi, Sith, or any other adversaries that dare to cross their path. The versatility of this pack shines as these characters can be fielded as a unified squad or seamlessly integrated into a broader array of characters. Furthermore, players will uncover an array of Stat, Order, and Stance cards essential for flawlessly incorporating these characters into their Star Wars: Shatterpoint battles.

This box contains:

4 - Plastic Miniatures
3 - Unit Cards
3 - Stance Cards
3 - Order Cards

*Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.