Star Wars : Legion - Separatist Invasion Force

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Lead the charge with the formidable might of a Separatist Invasion force under your command, courtesy of the latest Battle Force pack for Star Wars: Legion! Guided by the sinister General Grievous, this pack grants players access to a diverse array of Separatist battle droids and imposing heavy vehicles. Within your grasp are three squads of B1 Battle Droids, a pair of Droideka units, the formidable AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank, and an elite detachment of IG-100 MagnaGuards. Complementing these forces are three exclusive Command Cards tailored for deployment by the Invasion Force, alongside the reissued trio of Command Cards belonging to General Grievous, accompanied by replicas of the four standard Command Cards. To round out this comprehensive offering, a compilation of 31 reprinted upgrade cards equips players with all essential tools for personalizing their Invasion Force and asserting dominance over star systems throughout the galaxy.

This box contains:

52 - Plastic Miniatures
9 - Unit Cards
10 - Command Cards
30 - Upgrade Cards
1 - Token Sheets
1 - Insert Sheet

*Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.