LVO 2024 - Painting Class: Underpainting Techniques & Advanced Contrast Paints Friday

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A deep dive into Renaissance underpainting techniques and how to use them in miniature painting with modern tools like Contrast Paints and Inks! From speed and army painting to high quality display models I'll show you how and why these methods have been used for centuries by classic painters to ease, speed up and of course improve the quality of their masterpieces and how this knowledge can be easily applied to our little canvases. - This is a "Brush Only" Workshop. Contrast Paints, Inks or similar products are recommended for the workshop, but don’t worry if you don't own/can’t bring them: we'll have a shared pool during the course and part of the topic is precisely what to use as an alternative! MODEL INCLUDED

Friday Jan 19th

3PM - 5PM
Palma G

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