LVO 2024 - Painting Class: Speed Painting with OIL PAINTS! Saturday

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Speed speed speed!!! This class is all about the speed and efficiency of OIL PAINTS! A crash course on oil washes, and quick ways to finely model lights and shadows that will speed up and refine your speed painting game and that you'll be able to apply not only to new models but also on existing painted minis/armies in your collection to quickly improve their look! - This is a "Brush Only" Workshop. A little selection of Oil Paints is recommended for the workshop, but don’t worry if you don't own/can’t bring them because we'll have a shared pool during the course. - For the staff: I could use a single bottle of White/Mineral Spirit in the room (I can't bring it on the plane!), but if you can't I can ask local friends to bring one for me.

Saturday Jan 20th

5:30PM - 7:30PM
Palma G

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