Old Dominion: Army Support Pack W4

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This box contains:
All new for 2023 - 14 Command Cards, 10 Objective Cards, 10 Spell Cards , 12 Incantation Cards, 12 TLAoK Scenario Cards, 12 FB Scenario Cards, and 1 custom Old Dominion Deck Box

Conquest is a thrilling tabletop game from Para Bellum set in the dark and immersive world of Eä. Players take on the roles of powerful leaders, guiding their vast armies of meticulously detailed miniatures into epic clashes on the war-torn battlefields. The game features innovative and strategic mechanics, emphasizing tactical depth and unit synergy. With multiple factions to choose from, each boasting unique playstyles and abilities, Conquest offers endless possibilities for engaging and immersive gameplay. As players seek to dominate the war-ravaged realm of Eä, they must carefully plan their moves, manage resources, and make crucial decisions to secure victory and leave their mark on this captivating fantasy world.