LVO 2024 - Painting Class: Freehand Don't Panic w/ Francesco Farabi

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"Freehand has always been considered one of those difficult elements to deal with in miniature painting. It is thought that in order to create beautiful images drawn on our shields, flags, clothes or any other surface, we must know how to draw well and have highly developed skills. In this course I will show you that anyone can make interesting drawings on their miniatures using a technique that I have developed and perfected over more than 15 years and which I have taught all over the world with excellent results. During the class I will explain my technique to you, then I will give you a practical demonstration and then I will accompany you in the realization of a drawing on a shield that will be the fruit of your imagination and inventiveness. The shield and information material in pdf will be provided. Materials to bring: brushes, paints (if you want to use your own)"

Saturday Jan 20th

10AM - 2PM

Palma H

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