LVO 2024 - Painting Class: Become a Better Painter w/ Francesco Farabi

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What elusive secret marks the difference between the good amateur painter and the true master? Have you never asked yourself this question looking at the miniatures of the greatest painters in the world? Is it really just the demonstration of an unattainable talent?

During this class I will answer this question through my personal experience, I will tell you about the paths that led me to be the painter that I am and I will let you experience them. We will talk about color theory, chromatic composition, light and story telling. How you always paint first with the head and then with the "heart".

In the first part we will talk about theory together, while in the second part with the miniature provided in the course we will put into practice the things we have discussed. It will be a journey that is both complex and fun, as painting has always been for me. A kimera models miniature will be provided for the course and information material in pdf Materials to bring: brushes, paints (if you want to use your own).

Friday Jan 19th

10AM - 6PM

Palma B

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