LVO 2024 - Classic Battletech Weekend Pass

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The Player packet and specific event information is HERE.  

This ticket includes access to all events using Classic Battletech throughout the weekend, including Battletech Through the Ages (Friday), and Classic Battletech Campaign-in-a-Day(ish) or Battletech: Escalation (Saturday+Sunday).

Welcome to Battletech Through the Ages! Players will battle against opponents using Classic Battletech rules, tailoring their forces as they move through severa of the eras of the Battletech universe. As a player's roster changes between each game, they will have the opportunity to tailor their forces to include new chassis, variants, and technology developed in the following era. This will be a fun opportunity to experience the changing technology through various eras of Battletech and get to know units not commonly seen on the board. Details will be included in the full player packet.

The Battletech Campaign-in-a-Day(ish) will be an exciting way to experience the ebb and flow of a full-fledged campaign within one weekend. Can your freshly painted units survive through the ever-increasing lack of repairs or can you find enough salvage to continue to scrap together an effective fighting force?! Players will have to make difficult decisions on what to bring to a battle, what units to repair and/or replace between missions, and how much to sacrifice in order to fulfill the objectives and be victorious at the end of the day. This event will use one of the Turning Points sourcebooks produced by Catalyst Game Labs to provide players with a full-fledged campaign experience all within the weekend. Further details will be included in the player packet.

In Battletech: Escalation, players will manage an increasing number of units as they progress from the one-on-one combat of Solaris VII fights and Clan trials, to coordinating lances and stars in battles, and eventually up to a company worth of units in the final battles. This escalation type event will utilize rules from Solaris VII, Classic Battletech, and Alpha Strike to test the mettle of your units and tactics while providing exposure to a diverse number of units and scenarios for maximum fun! Eras included may range from the Late Succession Wars all the way up to the current IlClan era. Details will be provided in the player packet.

Even if you have a tournament ticket, YOU MUST ALSO HAVE A CONVENTION BADGE to enter the Las Vegas Open 2024 and participate in any of the tournaments, events and classes. This is can be purchased HERE.

This is a digital ticket for an event occurring at the Las Vegas Open (LVO) 2024 held at the RIO Convention Center and Resort  in Las Vegas Nevada,  from Thursday January 18th through Sunday January 21st. Not all events take place all days. Please refer to the player packet and event information found in the link above for specifics of this event. You will not receive a physical ticket for this event.

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