LVO 2024 - Vanguard Tactics Workshop VIP Ticket

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All the specific workshop  information is HERE. 

This workshop will take place THURSDAY from 4PM to 8PM. The full schedule and additional information can be found in the link above. 

Gain Confidence and Clarity in Warhammer 40K 10th Edition - Unlock Your Potential with the Vanguard Tactics LVO 2024 Workshop!

VIP ticket holders receive exclusive benefits, including a private online coaching session with Stephen Box before list submission, a special dinner with Stephen Box, VT coaches, and other VIP members, a set of VT dice and objective markers, as well as a bespoke army tray and collectible army tray mats. These additional perks offer a personalized and enhanced experience for VIP attendees. 

Get ready to elevate your Warhammer 40K 10th Edition gameplay at the Las Vegas Open 24 with the Vanguard Tactics Workshop! Here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience when you attend:

  • Connect with like-minded players: Join a community of dedicated Warhammer 40K enthusiasts at the Las Vegas Open 24 Vanguard Tactics Workshop. This immersive experience is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow players who share your passion for the game. Forge new friendships, exchange strategies, and connect with a vibrant community of Warhammer 40K players.
  • Master player-placed terrain: In the dynamic world of Warhammer 40K 10th Edition, understanding how to optimize player-placed terrain is essential. The Vanguard Tactics Workshop will teach you advanced techniques for maximizing terrain placement. Gain a deep understanding of tactical positioning, cover usage, and line-of-sight manipulation to dominate the battlefield in Warhammer 40K 10th Edition.
  • Efficient game completion and sportsmanship: Time management and maintaining a positive gaming experience are vital aspects of Warhammer 40K 10th Edition. Learn from the Vanguard Tactics experts how to develop solid game plans for every mission, enabling you to finish games within the time limit while ensuring a fantastic experience for both you and your opponent. The Vanguard Tactics Workshop emphasizes sportsmanship, fair play, and effective communication, enabling you to be a respectful and enjoyable opponent on the Warhammer 40K 10th Edition battlefield.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your Warhammer 40K 10th Edition skills and engage with a vibrant community of players at the Las Vegas Open 24 Vanguard Tactics Workshop! Secure your spot today before spaces sell out. If you would like the ultimate Vanguard Tactics Workshop experience, consider getting a VIP ticket HERE. 

Even if you have a workshop and/or tournament ticket, YOU MUST ALSO HAVE A CONVENTION BADGE to enter the Las Vegas Open 2024 and participate in any of the tournaments, events and classes. This is can be purchased HERE.

This is a digital ticket for an event occurring at the Las Vegas Open (LVO) 2024 held at the RIO Convention Center and Resort  in Las Vegas Nevada,  from Thursday January 18th through Sunday January 21st. Not all events take place all days. Please refer to the player packet and event information found in the link above for specifics of this event. You will not receive a physical ticket for this event.

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