LVO 2024 - Zone Mortalis

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The Player packet and specific event information is HERE.  

Join us for three days of smaller scale Zone Mortalis Horus Heresy battles within the contested decks of void warships, tangled mine works, lightless underhives, prison-vaults of sundered fortress-citadels, labyrinthine industrial sewer systems, and sacred catacombs- Zone Mortalis. This year, Zone Mortalis will be tied to the larger narrative, with ZM battles contributing directly to the overall campaign. This ticket grants you access to playing throughout the week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Drop-in to play other players whenever you like.

Even if you have a tournament ticket, YOU MUST ALSO HAVE A CONVENTION BADGE to enter the Las Vegas Open 2024 and participate in any of the tournaments, events and classes. This is can be purchased HERE.

This is a digital ticket for an event occurring at the Las Vegas Open (LVO) 2024 held at the RIO Convention Center and Resort  in Las Vegas Nevada,  from Thursday January 18th through Sunday January 21st. Not all events take place all days. Please refer to the player packet and event information found in the link above for specifics of this event. You will not receive a physical ticket for this event.

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