The Army Painter: Wargames Hobby Starter Paint Set

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Fantastic High Pigment Miniature Paints with Vibrant and Rich Colors!

The Army Painter Hobby Starter Paint Setincludes 9 essential colors (including flesh and metallic, and a bottle of Quickshade Wash that adds a nice shading to your models - And a highlighting paintbrush for fine detail work and a comprehensive miniature painting guide

Ergonomic Dropper Cap Design: Allows you to control the ratio of each color paint, making it easy to mix and match them.The dropper also permits little air to go inside the bottle when you leave it open while you work on your Warhammer figures, reaper miniatures, or other wargame models, preventing the paint to dry up - it saves paint and prevents spill and cross-contamination)

Indeed, its the perfect model paint kit to kickstart your hobby of painting miniatures!