Nords: Ugr

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In Game Role

● Battlefield Role: Anti-Infantry
● Class: Medium
● Type: Brutes


Ugr occupy a very strange place in Nord society. They are the exalted progeny of demigods, capable of doing the work of a dozen men and terrifying foes when roused to anger. On the other hand, it is difficult to stand in awe of a being that is challenged by numbers that exceed a single digit, simple concepts such as personal hygiene, or the mind-boggling mechanics of doors, for that matter.

Regardless, Ugr are a tremendous asset to whatever community they are assigned to, a fact that the Einherjar AngbjĂ� ¶rn, High King of Mannheim and Father of Ogres, exploits to maintain the balance of power with a deep cunning one would not expect from his corpulent frame and constant inebriation. After all, there are few creatures on EĂ� ¤ that will not pause and reconsider any rash action, when faced with the single-minded aggression of an Ugr band.

Box Contents

● 3 Plastic Miniatures
● 3 Cavalry Stands
● 3 Bases
● 1 Command Card

Product Information

● Assembly: Required.
● Box size: 30x15x6cm; 410g
● Material: Plastic