BattleTech: Interstellar Operations

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Forces Across the Stars!

Marshal your forces and prepare to conquer the Inner Sphere!Interstellar Operationsis the next long-awaited rules installment to the series begun withTotal Warfareand carried through the award-winningTactical OperationsandStrategic Operations. The former focuses on a whole new level of excitement directly on your gaming table while the later focuses on moving from a single scenario to a multi-part campaigns and how to take an entire solar system. Interstellar Operations zooms up to the final level, allowing players to assume the roles of House Lords and dominate the galaxy.

Interstellar Operationscontains rules for running an entire faction's military as a player tries to conquer numerous solar systems, including rules for how to conduct warfare through scales larger than previously represented within the core line of rulebooks. Finally, perhaps one of the most anticipated portions of the book, the Alternate Eras section introduces a huge swath of rules for playing across the thousand years ofBattleTechhistory, including weapons and equipment mostly unique to a given era, such as complete rules for building and playing with LAMs.

Includes: CAT35006