Battlezones: Urban Quadrant

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This set contains 46 assorted Battlezones terrain sprues and 8 connector sprues, allowing you to construct a huge range of buildings that will provide plenty of cover for a 6’x4’ area (or a 4’x4’ area of dense urban terrain). You can expand this scenery set using other kits from Mantic’s Battlezones Tile System range.

This set contains:

  • 10 x Urban Sprue A
  • 7 x Urban Sprue B
  • 7 x Urban Sprue C
  • 4 x Sci-Fi Accessory Sprue
  • 2 x Landing Pad Sprue A
  • 2 x Landing Pad Sprue B
  • 5 x Fortifications Sprue A
  • 5 x Fortifications Sprue B
  • 2 x Defence Line Sprue A
  • 2 x Defence Line Sprue B
  • 8 x Connector Sprue

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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