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Horror is no stranger to the dark worlds of Warhammer. Its very fabric is infested with the arcane, the strange and the downright terrifying. From the cold vastness of the 41st Millennium to the creeping evil at large in the Mortal Realms, this anthology of short stories explores the sinister side of Warhammer in a way it never has been before. Psychological torment, visceral horrors, harrowing tales of the supernatural and the nightmares buried within, this collection brings together a grim host of tales to chill the very blood… Featuring stories from Graham McNeill, Cassandra Khaw, Alec Worley, David Annandale and more. CONTENTS Nepenthe by Cassandra Khaw The Widow Tide by Richard Strachan No Good Deed by Graham McNeill Crimson Snow by Lora Gray Last of the Blood by C L Werner Predation of the Eagle by Peter McLean The Last Ascension of Dominic Seroff by David Annandale Triggers by Paul Kane A Darksome Place by Josh Reynolds The Marauder Lives by J.C. Stearns The Nothings by Alec Worley If you would like to order more of this product than we currently have in stock, we'd be happy to help. Just email us at [email protected] with the products you'd like to order and the total quantities and we'll be in touch. Please note that it may take longer than usual for us to fulfill bulk orders as shipping times will be dependent on manufacturers availability. Please note that this item may take us up to 2 weeks to dispatch due to limited supply.
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