King of Tokyo/New York: Cybertooth Monster Pack

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Cybertooth - a giant two-legged robot that can transform into a fearsome sabertoothed tiger - is about to hit the town! Infused with the power of the ancient berserkers, Cybertooth will settle for nothing less than the tiger's share! Will you, too, succumb to the berserker fury? The Cybertooth Monster Pack introduces a new game component: the berserk die! You can use the berserk die in your games even if you play without Evolution cards or are not playing with Cybertooth. Contents: 1 Cybertooth Monster Board 2 Cardboard Figures + Stands 1 Berserk Die 6 Berserk Tokens 1 Transformation Cards 8 Evolution Cards for King of Tokyo 8 Evolution Cards for King of New York 1 Rulebook Ages: 8+ Players: 2-6 Game Length: 30 minutes This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of either King of Tokyo (2nd Edition) or King of New York is required to play.
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