King of Tokyo: DARK EDITION

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King of Tokyo: Dark Edition is a collector's edition of King of Tokyo, with the fight taking place in an alternative and darker world in which the struggle for control of Tokyo has never been so fierce...and wicked! This edition includes deluxe components (such as an embossed box and lightning-bolt-shaped energy) and all-new art by Paul Mafayon. The game is based on the classic rules, with the addition of a new mechanism exclusive to this edition to offer a fresh gaming experience. Contents: 6 Monster Boards & Cardboard Figures ? Gigazaur ? Kraken ? Meka Dragon ? Alienoid ? The King ? Cyber Bunny 1 Tokyo Board 8 Dice 66 Power Cards 10 Wickedness Tiles 6 Wickedness Counters 27 Tokens 1 Rulebook Energy Charges Ages: 8+ Players: 2-6 Game Length: 30 minutes
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