Inferno! Volume 4

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The fourth volume of the all-action Warhammer anthology collection showcases some of the best new fiction from across Games Workshop’s many universes. From the vast, unexplored wilds of the Mortal Realms to the unforgiving hive world of Necromunda, through to the sprawling warzones of the 41st Millennium, heroes battle for glory, for honour or simply for survival… In this volume, you'll discover another tale from the gathered patrons of the Brazen Claw, that explores how the storm that traps them is deadlier than they could ever have guessed. You'll also discover the terrors that an abandoned Ecclesiarchy outpost holds for Inquisitor Sabbathiel, and go deep into the Realm of Death with intrepid aelven treasure hunter Shevanya Arclis as she seeks to plunder a wizard's hoard of artefacts. Find all this and more in Inferno! Volume 4! CONTENTS The Karsharat Abomination by George Mann The Hand of Harrow by Denny Flowers Firstborn Exile by Filip Weltgren At the Sign of the Brazen Claw: The Sorcerer's Tale by Guy Haley Journey of the Magi by Jonathan Green The Manse of Mirrors by Nick Horth Salvage Rites by Thomas Parrott Green and Grey by Edoardo Albert The Fourfold Wound by Eric Gregory Where Dere's Da Warp Dere's A Way by Mike Brooks The Serpent's Bargain by Jamie Crisalli Blackout by J C Stearns If you would like to order more of this product than we currently have in stock, we'd be happy to help. Just email us at [email protected] with the products you'd like to order and the total quantities and we'll be in touch. Please note that it may take longer than usual for us to fulfill bulk orders as shipping times will be dependent on manufacturers availability. Please note that this item may take us up to 2 weeks to dispatch due to limited supply.
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