Dropzone Commander: UCM - Eagle Heavy Gunships

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The Eagle is essentially a weaponised variant of the condor which scarifies its transport capacity in favour of devastating firepower. The Eagle packs a pair of heavy railguns as well as two independently targeting multi-rocket pods. This allows the Eagle to lay waste to virtually anything on the ground!


While not as agile or aggressive as its smaller cousin the Falcon, it makes up for this with superior firepower and survivability. Indeed, the Eagle is best employed at the extremes of its effective range, allowing it to stay out of reach of most return AA fire. However, it represents a high value target for roving enemy fighters, and generals would do well to provide AA cover for this terror of the sky.


One model per blister


10mm Scale


Length: 103mm


Wingspan: 42mm


Ten Resin components each


Supplied with 1x 40mm polished clear acrylic flying bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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