Dropzone Commander: Resistance - Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy

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Karl Foley is possibly the most famous Resistance fighter on all of Eden Prime and certainly the UCM's staunchest ally there. His actions several years ago during his legendary 'Great Gambit' raid were instrumental in bringing the Reconquest to the planet. Although Foley has ridden to war in many vehicles, he now pilots his favourite machine, a J-19 Hellhog jumpjet. Like so many resistance vehicles, it is heavily modified with improved weapons systems and avionics.

Complete rules and background for Karl Foley can be found in Reconquest: Phase 1.
This comes with 4 unique command cards to represent Karl Foley's abilities on the battlefield.

1 x model per blister

Wingspan: 83mm
10mm Scale

7 Resin components
Supplied with 1 x clear acrylic flying base
4 Command Cards

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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