Dropzone Commander: PHR - Angelos Jetskimmer

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The Angelos is a multi-role fast strike vehicle. Although somewhat similar in performance to the anti-grav craft employed by alien races, The Angelos is not a true skimmer. Instead, it relies on miniaturised thrusters to keep it aloft and thus has a shorter flight time, making it less suitable for extended operations than its more advanced cousins.


It is armed with a single RXs-120 smoothbore heavy cannon (the same weapon employed by the Enyo). Coupled with the Angelos' speed and advanced targeting systems, this can be used to deadly effect in both the anti-structure and anti-armour roles.


The Angelos also features a limited transport capacity, allowing it to drop small strike teams of infantry if required. This makes the Angelos a highly effective skirmishing unit which often operates ahead of the main PHR force. However, it lacks the heavy armour and survivability of most Battle Walkers and as such it is best employed on the flanks and around cover.


Full background and experimental rules are available to download here >


Two models per blister
10mm Scale

Length 41mm

Two Resin Components each.
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted


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