Endrinriggers & Skywardens

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Should you wish to field a set each of some of the Kharadron Overlords’ finest – the Endrinriggers and the Skywardens – you can do no wrong with this bundle. In it, you’ll receive 2 boxes of Skyriggers, multi-part plastic miniatures that can be assembled as 3 of each:

Endrinriggers are repairmen and maintenance workers – and yet so much more. Their tools of the trade, rivet guns and aethermatic saws, can be turned against an encroaching foe just as easily as they can be used to patch up a creaking Gunhauler.

Skywardens are elite aerial cavalry, experts in hit-and-run attacks that shock enemies with powerful vulcaniser pistols and vicious skypikes. They have a tendency to spread chaos with their timed explosives, jetting away in a blast of aether-vapour as detonations ring out.

This bundle comes with 6 Citadel 32mm Round bases and 2 each of the following flying stem sizes: 30mm, 32.5mm and 35mm.

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