FLG Mats: Grasslands 1 6x4'

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Frontline Gaming's Mats are beautiful, durable mats, and perfect for tabletop games. 

These mats are extremely durable, printed on a neoprene backing. That means the mat won’t slide around on the table, lays flat and looks amazing.

They come with a sturdy, nylon zip-up Bag for storing and transporting your FLG Mat.

Due to the nature of the materials used in manufacturing FLG Mats, there may be slight variations from the sizes listed.

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| Randy Short 19-01-2021 21:17

I'd seen this mat at Historicon and had to have one. It really is the best mat I've ever seen. The graphics are hi res and the quality is amazing. I thought it would come rolled up in a tube but arrived in a box. I was concerned it would have creases from being folded but it smoothed right out. The neoprene is just the right thickness to lay flat yet roll up nicely. The bag it comes with is nice quality as well, I like that it has a loop on the end so it can be hung from a peg for storage. I'm ordering the ruined city mat as soon as I finish typing this review!

| Dave Stanley 06-01-2020 05:35

This mat is simply gorgeous. The pictures don't do it justice at all. I couldn't believe how deep the greens were. This literally looks like a beautifully flocked table. You will not regret getting this mat.

| Trent 24-05-2019 20:23

First off, love the material and the printed graphic. It really does make my game table look amazing. Mat is heavy enough to stay flat on the table, but not too thick to cause excessive bouncing on dice rolls. My issue with the mat is that the "slight variations from sizes listed" is an understatement. On one end the mat measured over 1" shorter than 6'. On the other end, it was just under 1" shorter than 6'. For the width, it was only 1/2" shorter than 4' on one end and about 3/4" shorter than 4' on the other end. So the mat is neither the correct dimensions, nor sqaure, and at it's worst over 1" shorter than specified, which to me is a lot more than a "slight variation." If the mat was at least square, I'd be 100% happy with it.

| William 25-06-2018 15:11

The colors on this Grasslands 1 mat are richer and deeper than the pictures might lead you to believe. The hues are perfect for a densely terrained Endor, the Naboo plains, or for a more rural modern setting like Walking Dead: All out War. This is my third mat from FLG, and the quality on all of them has been excellent.

| Josh Gianunzio 16-08-2017 17:33

When I bought the grasslands mat, I was excited to unroll it and check it out. The quality of the print is great and the material is great but the art design has a small problem. The grass is cloned over and over again in the image and makes a pattern that is unnatural across the mat. It bugs out my eyes a bit to look at. Perhaps with some terrain on the mat the repeating grass texture will be interrupted enough to remove the tiling effect.

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