Warhammer Fantasy RPG 4th Edition: Starter Set

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Enter the Grim World of Perilous Adventure

This Starter Set contains everything needed to bring theWarhammerworld to life. Whether playing for the first time or preparing your next epic campaign, this boxed set is the perfect starting point for anyone interested inWarhammer Fantasy RPG.

The Adventure Book invites players of all experience levels into the rich, roleplaying playground of Ubersreik. For beginners, an introductory adventure teaches the rules as you play. For experienced hands, there are another 10 scenarios aimed to expand yourWarhammer Fantasy RPGgames, offering new locations, new characters, and new horrors to uncover. Accompanying this, A Guide to Ubersreik highlights the bloody history and recent invasion of Ubersreik. It also examines more than 70 locations in the troubled town, details the surrounding fiefdoms, and introduces a wide array of dark cults plaguing the area.

Read This First! Introduction Sheet
6 Ready-Made Characters
The Adventure Book
A Guide to Ubersreik
3 Rules Reference Sheets
3 Handout Sheets
49 Advantage Tokens
4 Highly Detailed Maps
2 Custom Dice
Simple Gamemaster Screen