Warlock Tiles: Summoning Circles

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Summoners rejoice! For the first time, WizKids has brought you a way to take your summoning skills to the next level withSummoning Circles, an all-new way to experience summoning in your campaign. This magical set comes pre-painted with intricate otherworldly designs, and features LED light-up bases in different colors to represent five unique types of summoning circles, including the Arcane Circle, the Holy Circle, the Whirling Circle, and more!

Bring demons to life, create mystical traps, prevent your enemies from reaching you, or even open a portal to another world with these extraordinarily-defined circles, which are 100% compatible with otherWarLockfloor tiles. What will you create?

Key Features
Ł Compatible with WarLock Tiles
Ł Create cool magical effects in your games for traps or other spells
Ł LED included! Light-up base features multiple colors
Ł Works with existing WizKids products

1 Light-up LED 4x4 Base
1 Arcane Circle
1 Druid Circle
1 Demonic Circle
1 Holy Circle
1 Whirling Circle