FLG Full Color Terrain: Metropolis Complete Set

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This set was designed to be paired with the Metropolis mat!

FULL COLOR: FLG Full Color Terrain requires no painting, just assemble it and it looks amazing on the tabletop and transform your games into immersive experiences
EASY TO BUILD: Our FLG Full Color Terrain is fun and easy to build to get your games looking great, quickly. These sets look better than pro painted with High Definition color! Pictures Don't do it justice!
DESIGNED BY GAMERS FOR GAMERS: Our Terrain is manufactured here in the USA by passionate hobbyists
FUNCTIONAL: Our Terrain is designed to not only look great but also to be fun and easy to use in your games
HIGH QUALITY: Our Terrain kits are constructed out of laser-cut MDF

All kits come unassembled!

This set comes with:

    • 2x Metropolis Flower Stand or News Stand
    • 1x Metropolis Deli or Coffee Shop
    • 1x Metropolis Gas Station
    • 1x Metropolis Garbage Can Set
    • 1x Metropolis Signs and Light Posts Set
    • 1x Metropolis Bank
    • 1x Metropolis Apartment Building

Instructions for each building can be found here 

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