D&D: Icons of the Realms, Classic Creatures Box Set

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TheClassic Creatures Box Setfeatures nine reimagined iconic monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons first edition Monster Manual! Bring the 4" tall, two-headed classic Demogorgon to your tabletop and hypnotize adventurers like never-before. Or surprise your party with a gigantic purple worm, hungry and ready to make any creature its next meal.

TheClassic Creatures Box Setwill be commemorative of the original fantasy tabletop role-playing game that kicked off the entire industry. Bring the world of the Forgotten Realms to life with these new miniatures.

1 Ogre
1 Demogorgon
1 Orc
1 Troll
1 Purple Worm
1 Orc Archer
1 Sahuagin Mystic
1 Owlbear
1 Sahuagin