FLG Objectives: Vanguard Tactics

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Bring clarity and a professional touch to your Warhammer 40K tabletop battles with the Vanguard Tactics 40K Objective Markers. This set includes six 7.5" diameter markers, each skillfully designed to give your game an authentic and immersive feel.

Crafted from high-quality, durable neoprene - the same material used for mousepads - these markers resist sliding, ensuring a secure position on your gaming table. Whether you're in the heat of an intense battle or in the middle of an strategic move, these markers will stay put, providing you with accurate, reliable reference points.

Each marker is imprinted with the Vanguard Tactics logo, a testament to your commitment to competitive, fair play and sportsmanship. The high-contrast design ensures that the markers are clearly visible on the battlefield, so you can focus on your strategy and tactics rather than worrying about missing or misplaced objectives.

Ideal for both casual play and tournament games, the Vanguard Tactics 40K Objective Markers are not only practical, but also add a professional aesthetic to your games. Compact and lightweight, they're also easy to pack and transport, making them the perfect accessory for gaming on the go.

Upgrade your Warhammer 40K experience with the Vanguard Tactics 40K Objective Markers - precision tools for strategic command.