District I HAB-Block 3

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10S-JUZ-114 is a “10Standard” 4Ground model kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The hab blocks of District I. vary a great deal from the more archaic and historic designs of District XXII., they use the latest construction methods and technologies to allow the quick and easy construction of buildings that are extremely resistant to damage while being cost effective and utilitarian.  This is a typical hab-block built by the Nargyle Corporation, a construction company subsidiary of Roberts & Klien.  A common style of a District I. Hab Block for senior staff and secondary shareholders of an average subsidiary corporation.

The expense of such construction normally comes at too high a cost to be considered for buildings in the low status outer districts like District XXII. and are beyond the imaginings of the communities of corporate-less kindred who dwell in the outland deserts. District I. on the other hand, and a fair few of the buildings in the districts close to Central are fully funded by the Mega-Corps or their subsidiaries and as such most of the housing is corporately owned.

Miniatures by Hawk Wargames shown for scale purposes only and not included.

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